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Outdoor Gym Equipment Grand Opening

Falcons Limber up for Quorum’s new fitness facility at Q Card Birthday Exhibition!

QUORUM has unveiled its impressive new outdoor fitness station, with the help of the Newcastle Falcons.

The six-piece fitness station, which is now open for the park’s employees to use throughout the spring and summer months, has been designed to assist with toning work, cardio fitness, resistance training and cool downs. Newcastle Falcons’ player Alex Crockett was on hand to officially launch the equipment with some help from NE Fit Bootcamp and Quorum’s on-site trainer Adam Hitchings.

Former England Saxons and England Under-21s player Alex Crockett, said: “It was great to be invited along today, the gym equipment looks like it will be a big draw for people on the park, going by the number of them that came along today. I’m sure Quorum staff will be fighting fit before the summer is out!”

Quorum Business Park events and sustainability manager Laura Barber said: “The fitness station is a fantastic addition to the park’s leisure facilities, alongside the sports club pitches and exercise programmes run on-site, and we’re delighted that a member of the Falcons team came along to support our fitness and well-being efforts – showing us how it’s done best.

“Our resident bootcamp expert Adam was also on hand to demonstrate how the equipment can be used alone or in conjunction with other fitness activities, such as a perfect cool down activity for runners. The station’s ease of access is a good incentive for staff on the park to introduce exercise into their daily routine.”

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Quorum Fitness Station Set To Launch

Quorum’s new, outdoor gym equipment to be launched as part of the Q Card 4th Birthday Celebrations

The New Quorum Fitness Station is to be launched by NE Fit Bootcamp instructor, Adam Hitchings, with a little help from the Newcastle Falcons!

The Six Piece, Fitness Station has been designed to assist with toning work, cardio fitness, resistance training and cool downs.

Boot Camp Instructor Adam thinks the fitness station is an excellent addition to the park’s facilities. ‘Quorum already has fantastic onsite sports and fitness equipment facilities – with the sports club pitches and the onsite exercise programmes. The fitness station will fit around these other activities perfectly. The equipment can be used alone, or in conjunction with other fitness activities. It will be a perfect cool down station for runners in the summer and is a great incentive for introducing an exercise into your day’

Adam will be launching the equipment as part of the Q Card Exhibition celebrating the Quorum Q Card’s 4th Birthday in March. He’ll also be getting a helping hand from Newcastle Falcons Rugby players!!! Quorum Events and Sustainability Manager, Laura Barber explains ‘The Newcastle Falcons were already signed up to come along and support the Q Card Exhibition, promoting the discounted Rugby Match tickets available through the Q Card, but when they heard about the Quorum Fitness Station they were happy to come along and demonstrate the facilities to staff, were delighted that they are supporting our fitness and wellbeing efforts onsite’

NE Fit Bootcamp runs daily in the Q9 building at 5.15 with an hour long session starting at 6.00- enjoy your first session for free!

The Q Card Exhibition takes place on the 26th March in the Q9 building and will feature a number of activities and promotions as Q Card Partners come along and promote their Q Card Offers. Laura adds that ‘we’ve got something for everyone at the Q Card Expo – we have big name stall holders like Newcastle Falcons, Durham County Cricket Club and Apartment Group. Activities across the day will include a pop up Barber Shop, a pets corner, hotel competitions and a huge Raffle.

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Sports Relief Kilimanjaro Challenge at Quorum

Climbing the Kilimanjaro Ascent Challenge in Q13

At Quorum Business Park in Q13, a member of the Convergys team completed an awe-inspiring challenge to climb the same distance as the ascent to Kilimanjaro within the Convergys building. We asked Dean Moon, undertaker of this immense challenge just what it took to complete such a distance, here’s what he said:

“The challenge took just under eight hours to complete. It was a total of 38,808 steps, which equated to 308 laps up & down the stairs (up & back down = 1 lap). There are six sets of stairs to climb to reach the top floor.”

“I started at 9 am and made good time over the first 75-80 laps, but found laps 80 to 154 be the hardest laps to complete. So after nearly four hours I took a 20 minute break to get some fresh air, to top up my energy levels and rest my aching legs.”

“I restarted on lap 155 with renewed vigour and again made good progress for the next 50 laps, before a touch of cramp slowed my progress. However when I hit the 208 lap and realised that I was at the 100 lap count down, the ache seemed to lessen and by the time I got to the last 50 I found my third or fourth wind and was almost (but not quite) jogging down the stairs at the end.”

“I would like to thank all my colleagues who either joined me for a lap or gave encouragement when passing me on the stairs as it made the whole thing a bit easier to complete.”

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Quorum Swap Shop

Climate Week Event sees staff swap old items rather than buy new!

Staff at Quorum have taken part in a Swap Shop as part of Climate Week Activities across the Business Park. The premise of the Swap Shop is that instead of buying new, staff can swap old unwanted items. The stall was run with an honest policy and staff were free to come and go all day, at the end of the day leftover items were donated to local charity, St Oswald’s Hospice. Items left inlcuded clothes, dvds, books and games.

As well as the Quorum Swap Shop, the Quorum Wildlife Group has been re launched with a number of plans made for Spring.Events and Sustainability Manager, Laura Barber says ‘The Wildlife Group are fairly active here across the park, but in the winter months we tend to focus on simply keeping the bird feeders stocked over the colder months, but now spring is round the corner we want to introduce some exciting activity across the park to get staff really engaged in Sustainable initiatives. We’re planning a stream clean of the letch that runs down the back of the business park and we’ve recently partnered with a local community project working on the local Village Green, where we will be assisting with the planting of trees near our Wildlife Corridor’.