Quorum’s¬†calendar of events is thoughtfully designed to fit your working life. There are lunchtime classes, evening courses and big one-off events, all designed to stimulate mind and body, and provide a great opportunity to socialise with friends, old and new. There something for everyone to get involved in, take a look at our¬†calendar packed full of events…

Up & Coming Events
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Pop Up Picnic

16 May 2018

Enjoy a picnic themed event on Quorum Sports Courts. 

A selection of Food Vendors will be offering street food around Quorum Sports Courts. 

We'll also be handing out free Pimms on arrival! 

More info coming soon 

Easter Egg Collection

08 Feb 2018 to 16 Mar 2018

Collecting Easter Eggs on behalf of St Oswald's Hospice. 


After the enormous success of last years Easter Collection, we're reaching out to Quorum staff to arrange a collection on behalf of St Oswald's Children's Hospice.

Some donations will be included in an Easter Raffle that will raise even more money for children at the Hospice. 

Drop donations off at the hub before Friday 16th Feb. 

Some of the children who benefit from St Oswald's care can have medical issues that mean they are unable to consume chocolate - any other Easter themed gifts you'd like to donate are welcome. 

We also share the Easter eggs with hospice siblings who also benefit from a boost in hard times. 

Pop up Book Sale with The Book People

28 Feb 2018

Get prepared to for World Book Day and attend a pop up book sale with The Book People 


Taking place on 28th February - the Day before the national celebration of reading. 

The Book People will have a selection of discounted books for sale from Quorum between 11.30-2.30 

Check out some of the savings (up to 75% off RRP) on their website here. 

10% of takings will be donated to our selected charity, St Oswald's Hospice 

Take a look at some of the offers that will be available on the day here 

Apprenticeship Week

07 Mar 2018

Find out about apprenticeship opportunities in North Tyneside Council and on Quorum

  • Are you interested in hiring an Apprentice?
  • Do you know someone who is interested in starting an Apprenticeship?¬†
  • Are you an HR representative that looks after Apprentices?¬† ¬†

    If you answered yes to any of these questions. Pop along to Quorum Retail and find out about potential opportunities in North Tyneside and on site at Quorum.  

11.30-2.30 at the Old Hub. 

This is part of North Tyneside Council's Apprenticeship Week.
Find out about other events here. 
Find out more about the annual Get up & Go event here:  

Free Wellbeing Workshop – The Hub, Quorum

14 Mar 2018

Free Wellbeing Workshop - The Hub, Quorum

Do you want to know more about how to improve your wellbeing?  This taster breakfast meeting (breakfast included)  will help you to explore 3 different aspects of wellbeing: Lorna Jeromson of LBJ solutions will help you think about building resiliance and how effective team working can reduce the possibility of experiencing stress. Steve Dobb, the North East Body Mechanic, will explain how he can stop you experiencing persistent pain which affects your life Carol Walker of North East Counselling Services, will explain how counselling can support you when stress, depression or anxiety are impacting on your working life. We will give you hints and tips about what you can do now to improve your wellbeing and increase your resiliance. At the end of the session, Lorna, Steve and Carol will be there to answer any questions you may have about the services they offer. Places are limited so book early.

Q Card 8th Birthday Roadshow

28 Mar 2018

Join us to celebrate the Q Card's 8th Birthday with our offer Roadshow. 

Food will be on offer from Longhorns Barbecue Smokehouse 

Over 25 locally based Q Card Promotions will be coming along to share the latest news on their offer and there will be plenty of freebies on offer too! 

Plus a FREE gift for our first 200 guests. 

More info coming soon. 


National Pet Day

11 Apr 2018

Its time to pet a pet! 

What a dream lunchtime, pet a puppy, cuddle a cat and brush a bunny! 

Also, find out about re homing opportunities for creatures great and small! 

  • Judge our Cutest Pet Photo comp
  • Close encounters from Animal Antics - both cute and cuddly as well as more exotic animals!
  • Pick up a selection of treats for your four legged friends¬†
  • Support local shelters¬†

This event takes place in the Easter Holidays - so please feel free to bring children along. 

Around Quorum Retail 11.30-2.30 

More info coming soon. 


Light In The Lens: A Photograghic Angle Exhibition

18 Apr 2018 to 22 Apr 2018

Enjoy a free Photography Exhibition in the Q4 Building  

A Light In The Lens is held in the Q4 Building from Wednesday 18th - Sunday 22nd April

Free Entry between 10.00-15.00

A Light In The Lens.

Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography‚ÄĚ
George Eastman

There are many facets of photography that combine to enable the photographer to take a successful photograph. Some are more important than others. But one aspect is absolutely essential, for without light, photography itself would not exist. Light is the foundation of every photograph ever taken. It gives shape, texture and colour to our images. It allows us to create a certain mood or atmosphere and determines how the shot will look, and the message that it will convey.

Many photographers spend hours chasing the light, in search of the perfect conditions that will allow them to capture not only a snapshot but a powerful and evocative image. They often swear by the so-called ‚Äúgolden hour‚ÄĚ as the time of day with the best lighting. Referring to the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset, the golden hour is when the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, diffused light. Portraits, landscapes and still life benefit in particular from this special light.
Whatever the scene that you wish to capture through your view finder, without the right light you will have difficulty producing an image that is inspiring, dramatic and above all impactful.

The images that feature in this exhibition all explore the effect that light can have on the outcomes of photographic pursuits. Some examine the interplay of light and shadow, others the use of highlights, contrast and saturation. Some experiment with long exposure in order to paint with light. What all these photographs have in common is the way in which the light has transformed each image into something dramatic and special.

‚ÄúI am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical‚ÄĚ Trent Parke

Participating Photographers
Vincenzo Albano, Eleanor Bennett, Diana Bodnarenco, Chris Dorney, Ajithaa Edirimane, Sanjiban Ghosh, Michael Handrick, Robin Lowry, John Massey, Richard Mills, Ayan Mukherjee, Martin Parratt, Iain Rodgers, Sagar Shiriskar, Adee Tallents, Maurice Wilson, Hao Wu & Dovile Zubyte.

Plant Pick Me Up

25 Apr 2018

Indoor and Outdoor Plant Sale at Quorum Retail. 

New research from NASA suggests having house plants in your home not only improves air quality, it also helps reduce anxiety. 

Research suggests Aloe Vera plants are some of the best for improving air quality! 

We're hosting a plant sale at Quorum, where you can pick up a selection of indoor and outdoor plants.

We'll also have a 'pick me up station' with advice and support on reducing anxiety and some positive pick me ups! 

More info coming soon. 

Read more info on the benefits of plants in the home here:


Riverford Organic Cooking Class

02 May 2018

Keen to eat more veg? These two-hour, hands-on cooking classes are the best way to get inspired and try out a Riverford veg box.

17:45 ‚Äď 19:45

Spaces cost £25, including an organic meal and drink.

Qcard holders who book onto the class &  bring their Qcard to the Masterveg class on 2nd May will get £5 cash back on the night of 2nd May

Book your tickets here

Quorum Jobs Fair

03 May 2018

With over 1000 jobs available over the next 12 months, help promote our Jobs Fair to your friends and family! 

Sponsored by onsite tenants Engie. In partnership with North Tyneside Council. 

Hosted in the Q12 Building 10.00-3.00 

With a free shuttle bus running from Four Lane Ends Metro. 

The event will be opened by North Tyneside Elected Mayor, Norma Redfern.

Please be aware that there is no cost involved in attending and no need to register beforehand. 

Refreshments will be on sale from a number of food vendors on the day. 

Getting Here: 

Benefits of Working at Quorum:

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