As a Christmas Gift ‘Yoguh,’ in partnership with the work-perk are giving 30% discount off all clothes and 15% off all accessories 

Just use the following codes: theworkperk30 and theworkperk15 at http://www.yoguh.co.uk/shop/

Yoguh’s luxurious collection incorporates a carefully designed mix of interchangeable active wear, cashmere cover-ups, easy to wear tops, mats, jewellery and stylish drinks containers.

At yoguh we pride ourselves on design and quality, exquisite detailing and high tech fabrics that are quick drying and flattering to wear. We source our products from every corner of the globe, and close to home. From mats that are made using natural tree rubber to bottles made with sustainably sourced bamboo we do our best to ensure that what you are wearing on the mat is good for the planet too.

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