Mobike – Bike Rental

There is a pool of Mobikes located across the park which have no gears and are therefore designed for short distance journeys such as:

  • Getting to/from Four Lane Ends and Longbenton metro stations (possibly south Gosforth when Killingworth road is open)
  • Going to Longbenton, Westmoor, Killingworth, Four Lane Ends shops on a lunch time.
  • Getting from one end of the park to the other i.e. to catch a bus at the main entrance
  • Getting to other nearby offices for meetings e.g. Home Group’s office at Gosforth Park or Greggs office/factory at Balliol Business Park.

The bikes can be left anywhere at the end of your ride, so you can cycle somewhere and leave it in a suitable parking place in a public area the the Mobike team will collect and bring it back to Quorum.

 Links to Metro Stations

There are currently some bikes outside of Longbenton metro station on the other side of the bridge, we are hoping to get some on the Longbenton shops side of the bridge soon as well as Four Lane Ends public transport interchange so people can get off the metro and cycle to Quorum. You would just leave the bike at Quorum and there is no obligation to cycle it back to the metro station as Mobike can take it back to its station if you don’t cycle it back.

Download the Mobike App now!

You need to download an app to use the bikes then you scan the QR code of the bike to unlock the bike and start your ride.

 Try the bikes for FREE!

The usual cost of a ride is 50p for every half an hour the bike is in use. Everyone at Quorum can get 5 free coupons worth 50p by entering the coupon code QUORUM2018 for more info visit 

Find out more about Mobike via this link

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