Quorum’s calendar of events is thoughtfully designed to fit your working life. There are lunchtime classes, evening courses and big one-off events, all designed to stimulate mind and body, and provide a great opportunity to socialise with friends, old and new. There something for everyone to get involved in, take a look at our calendar packed full of events…

Up & Coming Events
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Mission Christmas Appeal at Balfour Beatty

22 Nov 2018 to 14 Dec 2018

Donate a gift this Christmas in  the Mission Christmas Appeal with Metro Radio 


Quorum tenants, Balfour Beatty (Q14 building)  have been registered as an official drop off point for the Mission Christmas Appeal and will be collecting gift donations for the next month (deadline 14th Dec). If other tenants wish to donate,  Balfour Beatty reception will be happy to receive any gifts the people wish to donate.

Mission Christmas is a huge fundraising drive for both cash and gifts so that children living right here in the North East wake up to gifts on Christmas Day.  Last year the charity helped 55,000 children across the North East and this increases each year.

The charity receives applications from local social workers, hospices etc , requesting gifts and cash for the children they look after so it’s important we get as much support as possible in time for Santa and his Elves to deliver these in time for the big day! Collectively, The Quorum Business Park could make a real difference.

The charity accepts brand new gifts unwrapped so that they can be sorted into age ranges and gender.

Gift ideas include:

  • 0-3 years – Teddies, Musical Toys, Rattles, Books Play Mats
  • 0-5 years – Cars, Dolls, Jigsaws, Playdoh, Colouring books ,Pencils
  • 5-7 years – Lego, Art and Craft Sets, Skipping Ropes, Snow Globe, Jewellery Set, Board Games, Action Figures
  • 7-9 years – Footballs, Board Games, Remote Control Toys, Stationary Sets
  • 9-12 Years – Board games, Make Up Sets, Nail Varnish
  • 12-18 years – Intricate Colouring Books, Pens, Nail Varnish, Make Up Sets, Smelly sets, Aftershave

Drop donations off at Q14 Building reception before Friday 14th December. 

Mission Christmas Appeal

Build a Bug Hotel

27 Mar 2019

Help protect local wildlife in our letch area and build a bug hotel! 

Bug Hotel

Quorum Business Park has been carefully designed to attract and nurture wildlife. So we’re all about helping out our little wildlife friends.

Build your bug hotel (also known as a wildlife hotel or stack) well and it could shelter anything from hedgehogs to toads, solitary bees to bumblebees, and ladybirds to woodlice.

We’ll be hosting a ‘build a Bug Hotel’ event on Wednesday 27th March over lunchtime, 12.30-1.30.

We’re looking for volunteers on the day to help build it, but we’re also looking for people to provide resources for it, see below for details –

Bug Hotel Resources (Per single hotel)
Items Quantity
Wooden pallets 5 – 6
House bricks 12 – 16
Roof tiles 40 – 50
Drilled logs (approx. 20 cm in length) 10
Hollow bamboo cane (approx. 20 – 30cm lengths) Approx. 300
Hollow pipes (approx. 30cm lengths) ideally like clay drainage piping rather than plastic Approx. 15
Plant pots (clay style rather than plastic) size to fit between pallets Approx. 10
Pine cones 1 -2 carrier bags full
Straw/hay 1 – 2 carrier bags full
Felt to cover top Size of pallets with some overlap
Nails to attach felt Approx. 30
Bark/woodchip Approx. 2 carrier bags full

If you would be interested in helping out on the day or helping to provide the resources please contact us at the Hub 

Meeting at the Light Box building at 12.30

Book a place online here: 


Feelgood Friday with Acropolis Street Food

29 Mar 2019

Enjoy Greek Street Food with Acropolis, as part of #feelgoodfridays the last Friday of every month at Qeleven. 


Serving from the Qeleven building 11.30 -2.3o

Card Payments accepted. 

Menu coming soon. 

Feelgood Fridays

Free Will Writing Session with The Will Guys

03 Apr 2019

Will Guys

The Will Guys offer simple, no fuss, plain English Will writing, written by experts.

Book into a session on Wednesday 3rd April slots are available between 10.30-3.30

Find out more about The Will Guys on their website:

Book on eventbrite here. 


Newcastle 2019 Heineken Champions and Challenge Cup Trophies Tour

10 Apr 2019


Poster for European Rugby Tour

Looking to keep the kids entertained this Easter Holiday? Why not bring them along to our trophy tour event around Quorum Sports Courts. 

We’ll have street food vendors, a drop goal competition and an Easter Egg Hunt for kids and grown ups alike! 

Come along to Quorum Sports Courts 11.30-2.30 

Special guest – Stephen the Seahorse! 

You don’t need to pre book a viewing but Easter Egg Hunt places are limited – book onto the hunt by emailing 



The Four Elements, A Free Photography Exhibition

13 Apr 2019 to 17 Apr 2019

Enjoy a free photo exhibition from  The Photographic Angle, based within our Q4 Building. 

Takes place Saturday 13th – Wednesday 17th April 10.00-3.00 

Photo from Exhibit

More about The Four Elements on their website:

Example photo from exhibit

“We cannot conceive of matter being formed of nothing, since things require a seed to start from… Therefore, there is not anything which returns to nothing, but all things return dissolved into their elements.”
William Shakespeare

The Ancient Greeks were the first to suggest that all matter is made up of four elements: earth, water, air and fire. This idea, which has also been described in ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, has gone on to become the cornerstone of science, medicine and philosophy for over two thousand years. It was not until 1789, when Antoine Lavoisier published a list of 33 chemical elements, that the first periodic table dispelled this idea.

However, the images on display in this exhibition present the original Four Elements in all their glory. They successfully convey the life sustaining powers to be found in earth, water, air and fire and the importance of these elements for life on Earth.

Some of the images concentrate on the serenity and calmness that these elements can bring; the stillness of water on a calm day or the gentle breeze in a cloudy sky. Others focus more on the immense strength and destructive force that they can unleash; the violence of waves crashing against the shore or inherent dangers of playing with fire. Either way, our photographers have managed to capture the beauty, the strength and the resilience of the Four Elements.

Photo from Exhibit

Elements Photo

Go Wild

17 Apr 2019

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind. 

Around Quorum Sports Courts 11.30-2.30

More info coming soon 


Back to Netball Free Taster: Session One

18 Apr 2019

Get back into Netball, with four free taster session led by England Netball.

Back to Netball Flyer


At Quorum Sports Courts 

Starting Thursday 18th April


For more info email:


Book Exchange

24 Apr 2019

Pick up a new good read at no cost at our Book Exchange 

Come along to Quorum Retail 11.30-2.30 

Donate books ahead of the event by dropping them off at the Hub. 

More info coming soon, 

Book Exchange

Inspire Autism Pop Up Clinic

25 Apr 2019

Are you the parent or family member of a child with Autism? 

Find free help and support from Inspire Autism. 

Poster for Autism Clinic

Speak to specialists who will discuss concerns, offer advice strategy and support. This is a completely free service. 

Come along to the Neon Building 11.30-2.30 on Thursday 25th April 

This is a drop is session so you don’t need to book an appointment, however if you would prefer an appointment time, please email 


Inspire Autism Logo

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