PediBal 3 in 1 Bike for Children

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Pedibal Ltd introduce the first, all British designed, super lightweight – 3 in 1 bike for children.

No more tears, tantrums or ‘STABILISERS’
the ‘Scamper’ – 18 months to 5 years (£129.99)
& ‘Sprinter’ 4 years + to 12 years (£149.99)
teach children the essential element of learning ‘Balance’,
then via patented tri-bolt assembly to ‘SCEETA’ (Seated-Scooter) riding, to a ‘FULL PEDAL CYCLE’
in the easiest and more importantly the safest possible way,
with their new unique THREE in ONE bike only ONE purchase and the lightest convertible bike of its kind.

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