Sunlite Dry Cleaners

15% off all dry cleaning and laundry services! Plus FREE Drop off and collect service @ Quorum


Quorum staff will receive a 15% discount Laundry and Dry Cleaning services

Drop off your garments at the reception of Q11, and pick them up when they’re ready! 

*Drop off and collection days are Tuesdays and Thursdays 

For more information telephone 0191 296 4067, or email


The benefits of this are:

1. Nobody will need to leave the Quorum to  drop off their garments.

2. The garments will be returned for the customer to collect less than 48 hours later.

3. Customers will also be automatically signed up to our mailing list to receive any special offers or promotions over time.

4. It’s so easy!


We are a local company that have been trusted across the North East since the 1800’s, we’d love to get on site and make life even easier for our hardworking Quorum customers!

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