New Buses to Serve Quorum Park

New 42A Bus Service – Starts 22 March

• Direct links to Wallsend in under 30 mins
• Direct links to the Airport in under 40 mins
• New service to/from Four Lane Ends

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View timetable here (Quorum Park is in between Killingworth Bus Station and Four Lane Ends)

The new service will provide a much needed direct bus service to Wallsend in under 30 mins as well as an extra service to/from Four Lane Ends.

The service is also going to provide a direct bus to/from the Airport with a journey time of 40 minutes, which isn’t that bad as it would currently take around that time (if not longer) to get the metro to South Gosforth and then a bus from south Gosforth to Quorum. So the new direct service is much less hassle.

How much will it cost?
The cost of a return journey will be £5.20 and the usual Go North East one zone ticket is £20 for 7 days or £75 for 28 days. However, if you purchase a Newcastle Smart Zone ticket for only £16 a week or £62 for 4 weeks then this will cover you for travel on the 42A and any other bus within the Newcastle Zone.

Want to try the service for free?
Go North East are offering car drivers the opportunity to leave your car at home try out the service for 7 days. All you have to do is email

Buses from Wallsend
The first bus will be from Wallsend Metro at 0642 arriving at Quorum just after 0700 operating hourly throughout the day. On the way back it will leave the park at 1515, 1620, 1730, 1910 and then hourly until the last service to Wallsend at 2210 (there is a bus at 2110 but it only goes as far as Benton Asda)

More bus links to FLE
The service will provide more links to/from Four Lane Ends on an evening as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

Buses from the Airport
First buses from the airport will be 0721, 0824 and 0932 then hourly throughout the day at 32 mins past.
Going back to the airport the bus will be at half past the hour with the last bus leaving at 2230

As always if you need more help planning your public transport journey or you want more advice on which the cheapest ticket option for you do not hesitate to contact the Hub

Extended 335 Service – from 22 March
The 335 currently serves Quorum Park and it will be extended east from 22 March to go as far as North Shields via New York, NT Hospital and Billy Mill.

All local bus timetables can be viewed on the  Nexus Website.

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